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Token Investment Outlook March 2024 – Which Coin Will Be 100x Gem?


Bitcoin continues to break new highs, reaching a historical high of $69,000 on March 5th. It began to fluctuate at the high of $69,000. According to past patterns, when Bitcoin fluctuates at a high, funds will flow into altcoins, and the prices of altcoins will start to rise. In this round of upswing, Ethereum’s rise did not break through the high of $4,000, topping out at $3,800, showing a trend of following Bitcoin’s price rise. Since altcoins have a lower market cap, their upswing amplitude during past bull markets would exceed Bitcoin’s, so Ethereum is not included in the watchlist.

Although altcoins have greater potential for price increases, it also means higher risks. Considering the risk factor, BingX QA researchers believe that the risks of public chain tokens are lower than those of protocol tokens, and the risks of protocol tokens are lower than on-chain projects. Among public chain tokens, the risks of top tokens are the lowest.

Combining technological strength, business model, market recognition, and risk as the four main factors, BingX QA believes that the following tokens are worth paying attention to:

Note: The token holding period is the entire bull market. In the short and medium term, market fluctuations may cause token prices to decline.

1. Celestia Token: TIA

As the first modular public chain, Celestia aims to solve the scalability and interoperability challenges of traditional public chains like Ethereum. Through a layered design and composability, Celestia not only improves throughput but also achieves seamless cross-chain connectivity. This innovative model will greatly enhance the interconnectivity of the crypto ecosystem.

Token valuation click: Tia Price

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Holding cost on March 8th: $16.71

2. Starknet Token: STRK

As the first Ethereum Layer 2 network using ZK-Rollup technology, Starknet can significantly reduce transaction fees and increase TPS. With the rapid development of ZK technology, Starknet is leading the Layer 2 wave and gradually hosting more and more applications. Layer 2 will be crucial for the development of the Ethereum ecosystem, and Starknet is expected to benefit in the long run.

Token valuation click: Starknet Price

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Holding cost on March 8th: $2.32

3. Ondo Finance Token: ONDO

The cryptoization of traditional assets is a future trend. Ondo Finance, through its RWA project, digitizes traditional US Treasury bonds and circulates them on-chain. As the largest project in this field, Ondo has already secured support from tens of billions of dollars worth of US Treasury bonds and is poised to become an important link between the crypto world and traditional finance.

Token valuation click: ONDO Price

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Holding cost on March 8th: $0.62

4. Arweave Token: AR

Arweave leverages the advantages of blockchain distributed storage to build a permanent and reliable large-scale data storage solution. With its large capacity, multi-parallel task processing capabilities, and other technical barriers, Arweave has already established a presence in areas such as network storage and NFT permanence. As a pioneer in emerging storage networks, Arweave has broad prospects.

Token valuation click: Arweave Price

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Holding cost on March 8th: $36.67

5. Theta Network Token: THETA

As the leader in decentralized video streaming platforms, Theta’s value lies in establishing a network with seamless integration between edge rendering and transmission. The recently launched GPU computing power rental service will further expand Theta’s application scenarios and value proposition.

Token valuation click: THETA Price

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Holding cost on March 8th: $3.23

6. A Meme Token: PEPE

Crypto art and meme culture are an integral part of the crypto world. As one of the most popular meme tokens, Pepe has already accumulated significant community momentum. In the environment of a continuously warming crypto market in 2024, Pepe is expected to once again hit high yields.

Token valuation click: PEPE Price

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Holding cost on March 8th: $793 (Market Cap $3.1 Billion)

7. Book of Meme Token: Bome

ETH lacks a new narrative, and in 2024 it is generally believed that ETH will not have much of a breakthrough. So, all the funds that originally flowed into ETH are now concentrated on SOL. SOL has always lacked a culturally powerful meme token. This token is Bome.

Compared to other memes on SOL, Bome’s meme culture is stronger, known as the Book of Meme. The meaning of the Book of Meme implies the king of memes.

At the time of launch, it had a very large trading volume. So the upward space, aiming for a $30 billion FDV, exceeds Bonk. With Ethereum’s recent fatigue in narrative, Bome has a very good chance of even surpassing WIF, the first listed value on SOL.

Purchase guide click: How to Buy Bome

Cost of holding on March 15th: 0.004 (Market cap $28 Million)


In summary, the above tokens have long-term investment value from multiple perspectives such as technology, business models, and cultural influence. The current crypto market is full of opportunities. Investors should carefully weigh the risks and returns, maintain long-term holdings, and diversify their allocations in these tokens to expect reasonable returns.


Investing in cryptocurrencies carries risks. The above content is for reference only and does not constitute any investment advice. Investors should make prudent judgments based on the prevailing situation before investing. BingX is not responsible for any losses incurred from investing in cryptocurrencies.

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