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Aptos vs Sui, Which One is Worth Investing In?

The problem of network congestion and high gas fees on the Ethereum network has led to two changes in smart contracts. One is to use Layer2 to scale on top of Ethereum. The more well-known ones are ARB and OP, which currently occupy 70% of the market share of Layer2. The other is to rebuild a public chain, with Solana being a more traditional option. However, Solana experienced a hacking attack last year and is often down, so users are looking for a more secure, stable, and faster public chain, which led to the development of Aptos and Sui.

Because Aptos and Sui both use the latest MOVE programming language, these two chains are more comparable. And because Aptos and Sui are upgrades to older public chains, Solana is obviously outdated. However, it cannot be ruled out that Solana supports many projects, which is why Bitcoin is declining, but the SOL token has only dropped by about 6%.

Comparison of Aptos vs Sui on the technical level:

Aptos and Sui both use Move programming, which has the advantage of being faster and cheaper in processing blockchain, with lower gas fees. Aptos is an early version of Move programming, while Sui is optimized on the basis of Aptos using the latest version. The biggest difference is that Sui stores data based on objects, so all relevant blockchain data can be seen. This makes Sui more transparent and open, and its API can display the entire blockchain structure more intuitively.

Aptos VS Sui, Security Performance

Aptos uses BlockSTM to process consensus algorithms. Sui implements Narwhal and Tusk as consensus algorithms, which can resist DDoS attacks. Therefore, in terms of security performance, Sui is superior to Aptos.

Another important point is that neither Aptos nor Sui have undergone security audits, but based only on comparison of the Move language and blockchain structure, Sui has higher security.

Aptos VS  Sui Funding status

Aptos currently has a total funding of $400 million, mainly from FTX Ventures, Jump Crypto, a16z, Tiger Global, Multicoin Capital, and many other venture capital firms, all of which are very well-known.

Mysten Labs, the company behind Sui, has currently raised $360 million.

In terms of funding amount, both assets are similar.

Aptos Sui
Founders, Core team Evan Cheng, Sam Blackshear, Adeniyi Abiodun, George Danezis(ex-Meta) Mo Shaikh, Avery Ching(ex-Meta)
Funds Raised 400M$ 36M$ (Round A)300M$ (Round B)
Investors Andreessen Horowitz, FTX Ventures, Jump Crypto, a16z, Tiger Global, Multicoin Capital Lightspeed Venture Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint
Consensus Protocol Proof-of-Stake(Byzantine Fault Tolerance) Delegated Proof-of-Stake(Narwhal and Bullshark)
Capacity, TPS 130000 TPS 120000 TPS

Aptos vs Sui Application Scenarios

No matter how good a solution is, it is worthless without market adoption. Currently, Aptos has support from over 100 projects, with the more well-known ones being Pontem and Pyth. The former is a wallet, while the latter is an oracle.

Sui is very new, so it’s hard to say what projects it will support.

Token Supply and Estimated Price of Sui Token

The total supply of APT tokens is 5 billion, while that of Sui tokens is 100 billion. Based on valuation, the initial price of the Sui token may be around $0.036. After being listed on exchanges, the price of the Sui token may exceed $0.3 because Sui’s Discord community is quite large, exceeding APT’s. It cannot be ruled out that $3.00 will experience significant selling pressure due to users seeking to obtain whitelist or airdrop benefits. It is important to note that Bitcoin is still in a downward trend, and the issuance of Sui tokens may experience significant fluctuations.

From the current price of APT reaching $11, the SUI token has long-term potential. At the same time, the blockchain industry is developing very rapidly, and no one can guarantee that a more advanced programming language than MOVE will emerge in a few months, and then a better public chain will be launched.

The new project carries risks, and the risk coefficient is very high.