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Tottenham Hotspur Token (SPURS) launched by BingX Price Will Be Increase 100 times?

The SPURS token, also known as the Spurs token, will be listed on the BingX exchange on October 26, 2023, making it one of the first exchanges to list this token.

What Is the SPURS Token?

The SPURS token is a fan token released on the CHZ chain in collaboration with the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and CHZ. The team competing in the English Super Cup is the Spurs, hence the name “Spurs token.”

The primary purpose of the SPURS token is to allow fans to participate in club activities, such as voting on what the players wear, predicting match scores, and even participating in jersey auctions.

Estimated Price of SPURS Token

The value of the SPURS token is similar to that of meme tokens; it depends on the size of the community to determine the token’s final value. Furthermore, the Spurs token is issued on the CHZ chain, and with the recent rise in CHZ prices, the price of the Spurs token should increase after its listing.

With a current total supply of 40 billion tokens, all held by fans, the market value of the Spurs token is estimated to be around 4 million USD if we consider the current market value of CHZ tokens at 400 million USD. Therefore, the actual valuation of the token is around 0.0001 USD. However, when the token is listed on an exchange, the fixed issuance price is set at 2 USD. This means the market value of the token will reach 800 million USD, which is nearly equivalent to the third-ranked cryptocurrency USDT. Based on the number of fans, if all 40 billion tokens were to be sold, each fan would need to hold approximately 4545 tokens, which amounts to an investment of nearly 10,000 USD per fan.

Therefore, it is expected that after listing on the exchange, the price will quickly rise, followed by rapid selling pressure, unless the listing price is not set at 2 USD.

Other Relevant Information

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is also one of the most profitable clubs in England, ranking third among the world’s football clubs in terms of revenue, with an annual revenue of 400 million USD.

The club has 8.8 million Twitter followers.


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