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How To Do Coinbase Token Base Free NFT & Airdrop?

1. What is the $Base Token?

Layer 2 scaling accelerates transactions and greatly reduces Gas Fees for Ethereum-related projects. As the largest exchange in North America, Coinbase has also launched its own layer 2 solution. Base is the token for Coinbase’s layer 2 project.

Coinbase has not stated whether there will be an airdrop because their Layer 2 mainnet is still in testing. However, Coinbase’s layer 2 testnet recently offered free NFTs, leading to speculation that it may be related to Coinbase’s airdrop.

Furthermore, compared to existing solutions like Starknet and zkSync, Coinbase’s interaction task is simple and completely cost-free, eliminating the need for Gas Fees. If Coinbase does indeed have an airdrop, it can be imagined that the airdrop will be generous, and the price of the Base token will rise significantly.

It is important to reiterate that there is no concrete information confirming a Base token airdrop from Coinbase. The following airdrop guide is based on the official announcement of the first free NFT task and includes a comparison with previous airdrop strategies of zkSync and Starknet.

2. $Base Airdrop Guide

Step 1: Install the Coinbase Wallet

The subsequent steps must be performed using the Coinbase Wallet.

Compared to Metamask: 1. The Coinbase Wallet offers a smoother user experience. 2. Registering for the Coinbase Wallet currently comes with a free .cb.id domain name. 3. The registration process for the Coinbase Wallet eliminates the mandatory step of recording the mnemonic phrase. Users can open and view it in the settings when needed. The mnemonic phrase can be linked to a Google Drive or Apple iCloud account for cloud backup, eliminating the need for paper storage or a safe deposit box.

Step 2: Complete all the free tokens at Coinbase.com

Answer the educational questions provided on the Coinbase website, coinbase.com.

Upon completion, you will receive tokens worth around 10 USD. Convert all these tokens to ETH and transfer them to your registered Coinbase Wallet.

Step 3: Accept testnet tokens in the Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet’s testnets provide both the ETH test mainnet (Gorli Ethereum) and the Coinbase layer 2 testnet (Base Gorli). Tokens from both testnets can be claimed in the Coinbase Wallet. Note: The tokens received are only for testing purposes and cannot be used as real ETH. If you are unable to register on coinbase.com due to KYC requirements or have previously claimed free tokens from coinbase.com, you must transfer 5 USD worth of ETH into the Coinbase Wallet to claim the test tokens.

Step 4: Deploy a smart contract on thirdweb.com using Coinbase’s testnet

The steps for the task are explained on the website base.org.

Specific steps for deploying a smart contract on the testnet:

Note: It is important to first claim the testnet tokens as these tokens are used to pay for Gas Fees. Select the testnet for all the following steps and avoid selecting any other network to prevent incurring real Gas Fees, which you will be responsible for.

1. Open thirdweb.com and click on the dashboard on the homepage to connect to your Coinbase Wallet.

2. Click on “Deploy Contract” in the top right corner.

3. Select the “NFT ETH 1155” smart contract

4 Create a contract

Choose “Base Georli Testnet” to deploy the NFT

5 Return to Dashboard

Copy the address of the smart contract

There is another hidden task here, which is to mint an NFT on the testnet. It is recommended to proceed with this task since it only consumes test tokens on the testnet.

Step 5,Go to Base Website  quests.base.org

Connect your Coinbase Wallet to the Base official website, click on “Start Quest,” and paste the address of the previously deployed smart contract. You will receive a free NFT.

Step 6,Base Layer 2 Interaction

bridge.base.org is the bridge testnet for Coinbase Layer 2, allowing for the transfer of ETH between the virtual Ethereum mainnet and the Layer 2 testnet. No real tokens are required here, only the previously claimed test tokens are needed for interaction, and you can use them at your discretion. The test token balance is 0.1 ETH.

Deposit the ETH to Base Georli and Withdraw it back to  Goerli


The interactive tasks for the Base token have a strong level of interactivity, requiring users to actively engage with various projects. The entire interaction process may be complex, but the operations themselves are simple and easy to understand. It is currently one of the most straightforward airdrop tasks, and users can also learn the basics of layer 2 through the interaction, comparing it with zkSync and Starknet. Coinbase’s UX and UI are excellent, making it a highly worthwhile task to engage with.