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Fevr Coin Airdrop Guide and Price Prediction

Fevr Token is the platform token for RealFevr. The purpose of the RealFevr platform is to create a Web3 for football sports, including NFTs of famous football moments, the metaverse, and blockchain games. It’s all centered around football. The company was founded in 2015, and the token was issued in 2021.

The total token supply is 16 billion, with a maximum price of $0.015 per token, and the current token price is $0.00044225.

Fevr Price Forecast

The most valuable aspect of RealFevr is primarily the NFTs of sports moments, but concerning its games and metaverse, it’s not as promising due to the rapidly changing technology. NFTs took a hit in 2023 due to the bursting of the NFT bubble. RealFevr’s NFTs support both BNB and FEVR tokens, so their NFT value is currently at the floor.

NFTs are expected to recover in April 2024, so FEVR’s current price is at the floor.

Fevr Risks

RealFevr is part of the broader use of blockchain in the sports industry, so whether the price will return to its previous high of $0.015 depends on user growth. Currently, RealFevr’s Twitter shows 68.6K followers, far fewer than the fan base of football players’ clubs. This slow development is significant for a project that has been in development for two years.
The way to minimize risks with FEVR is through airdrops.

How to Participate in FEVR Airdrops?

Step 1: Register as a BingX user.
Step 2: FEVR airdrops are based on mission points. In addition to following Twitter to earn corresponding points, you can also earn points by trading FEVR. Trading more than 300 USD worth of FEVR is eligible, with no upper limit.

Airdrop rules and instructions:

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