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Can the Homer Simpson Coin be Invested in Now? Risk Level?

Homer Simpson (霍默·辛普森) is a new meme token that was launched on May 11th. It has a total supply of 4,200,000,000 trillion tokens, with only 50% currently in circulation. There is no clear information available about the remaining 50%.

Due to its price increase of over 900% within 24 hours, some users are wondering if this meme token can experience a similar surge like the Pepe token. Users who invested in the Pepe token before it entered centralized exchanges were able to profit from it.

Investment strategy for meme tokens:

The value of all meme tokens comes from their communities, and the fluctuation in prices is driven by buying and selling pressure from market participants. Therefore, meme tokens without a strong community have no value, and without Maker injecting liquidity, the price cannot increase.

At the same time, the second point presents the highest risk among all meme tokens. It is uncertain when Maker might withdraw all the funds, leading to a sharp price drop. If retail investors also sell off, the meme token’s price can plummet to zero within 24 hours.

Market capitalization of Homer Simpson token:

The current market capitalization of the Homer Simpson token is 8 million, which is less than 1 million just 24 hours ago. This token requires a very small amount of funds to manipulate, making it susceptible to being controlled and causing FOMO among users. (The key to investing in meme tokens is knowing which tokens not to buy, as 99% of meme tokens end up going to zero.)

Community situation of Homer Simpson token:

The Homer Simpson community had very few followers before the past 24 hours, but it increased to 6,000 followers during that time. The token has a significant speculative component. Additionally, on the 14th, the official website of Homer Simpson encountered issues and cannot be accessed.

Is investing in Homer Simpson token worthwhile?

The risks associated with the Homer Simpson token are concentrated in three areas:

  • Only 50% of the token is in circulation.
  • Maker artificially inflates the price and then starts selling, causing a 100% price drop.
  • Twitter followers are too low and suddenly increase.

Therefore, the current price of the Homer Simpson token is not worth entering as it carries a high risk of getting stuck in a losing position.