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How To Do Argent NFT Airdrop? Starknet Airdrop Interaction Guide

What’s Argent or Argent Wallet?

The “Starknet Quest Airdrop Guide” introduces the Starknet project and the potential airdrops, including the value of the airdropped tokens. Argent Wallet is the wallet for Starknet and has already started an 8-part NFT airdrop since April this year. If users haven’t participated yet, there’s no need to worry. This is just an airdrop by Argent Wallet to promote interaction within the Starknet ecosystem. Furthermore, the 8 NFTs from Argent Wallet itself do not have particularly high value, so users don’t need to be too concerned if they haven’t obtained the previous 7 NFTs.

The main purpose of introducing the airdrop for the 8th NFT is that this time, besides being free, the site also showcases various DApps from the Starknet ecosystem. Users who want to receive the Starknet token airdrop can explore and interact with these related features.

Some of the DApps have already been interacted with in previous NFT airdrop missions.

Argent NFT Week 8 Task

Argent NFT Airdrop:https://www.argent.xyz/blog/xplorer/

Mission: For the 8th week’s mission, you need to use the Argent Wallet and then go to the specified website https://www.dappland.com/. Simply give any Dapp a 5-star rating, and there’s no need to leave a comment.

If users have interacted according to the “Starknet Quest NFT Airdrop Guide,” they can give ratings to Dapps they have used, such as layerswap, AVNU, briq, Mintsquare, and others. If they haven’t interacted before, it is recommended to take this opportunity to interact with various Dapps. Keep a record of any transactions or interactions.

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