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How You Find The Next 100x Coin (hundredfold coin)?


Bitcoin was released in June 2010 with an initial price of US$0.0008. In the following decade, Bitcoin reached a peak of $65,000, and even in the 2023 bear market, its price reached $26,000. Bitcoin created the myth of blockchain, and there are many coins that have increased by more than 100 times. A research survey found that among the coins ranked between 100 and 300 in terms of market cap, there were as many as 65 coins with an increase of over 100 times. That means there is a 32.5% chance of an investment opportunity with a 100-fold return.

Despite the very optimistic data, there are countless users who have lost all their capital, and as the blockchain industry continues to develop and regulation approaches, the opportunities for 100x coins will become increasingly scarce over time. Surveys have shown that after 2024, the chance of 100x coins will decrease to around 10%-15%. This fully demonstrates that in new industries, risks and opportunities coexist. When the blockchain industry becomes very mature, 100x coins will no longer be possible. Therefore, the opportunity for 100x coins should be considered as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This article discusses the search and research for 100x coins, and it cannot be guaranteed that all new coins issued on the BingX spot exchange have the opportunity to become 100x coins. There may be many, but there may not be any at all. The aim here is to increase the probability of discovering 100x coins. This is about stability, not speculation. Because speculation leads to FOMO sentiment, and most users will be trapped at high positions and then lose everything, which cannot achieve the goal of earning 100 times the profit through investment.

The goal of this article is to earn a 100X profit through investment.

2.1 Reasons for user losses when investing in Crypto spot:

  1. FOMO. Investigation found that over 90% of newly issued coins (ICOs) on DEX have significant problems. The issues with these coins are almost identical: hype, project failure to launch, rug pull, zeroing. Because DEX lacks regulation and coins can be listed freely, anyone can launch a coin by modifying existing code and pairing it with a white paper that tells a story. After listing, they use capital to drive up the price quickly, and when users discover it through various channels, FOMO traps them. Therefore, any new coin issued on DEX is not recommended.
  2. All-in. All-in refers to gambling where all capital is bet on a low-winning or unknown-winning bet. Users often believe that this coin will rise 100 times because their capital is small and influenced by various external factors. What is the probability? It is not clear. Investment emphasizes winning rate, and the probability of digging a hundred-fold coin is 10%, which means that out of 10 investments with 10% winning probability, 90% will not make money or even lose money. If users can accurately hit one bet through all-in, greedy emotions will lead to losing all the profits in the next 9 times. Therefore, users must not go all-in.

2.2 Response strategy:

For the above two problems, the response strategy is very simple – only one: do a good job of fund management. Because the market is full of a lot of false calls, mostly on Telegram, telling users that a certain currency will go up on CEX or some other things that won’t actually happen, and then the currency will experience a sharp drop after a rise in the next 24 hours, trapping users and eventually causing them to lose everything. The probability of getting 100 times the return on investment in Crypto is reduced to 1% in all the worst scenarios. That means users need to be prepared to invest in 100 currencies, and 99 of them will go to zero, with only one going up 100 times, making up for all the losses of the other 99. This is the worst-case scenario for users who do not read this article and invest randomly.

In the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” it was pointed out that for novice investors, there are usually three opportunities, and the first two will lose money, while the third will make up for all the losses of the first two and earn stable income in the fourth, fifth, and sixth times. The reason is that the first two times are actually users spending money to learn. Therefore, here we make the worst-case scenario, that is, users do not realize that the first two times are for learning and need to summarize their experiences, but instead simply buy coins, hold them, and then sell them at 100 times the profit.

Fund management means that users first decide how much funds they need for Crypto investment, and then divide it into 100 parts, only using 1% of the funds to buy a currency each time. This requires a certain amount of funds, because even if only $1000 can be used for investment, each investment is only $10. Fortunately, Crypto allows the purchase of a certain spot currency for $1 (provided that there is no handling fee promotion).

3. Filter out the coins that are worth 100 times more

  1. Issue date. Coins issued before July 2022. As Bitcoin rises, altcoins will rise sharply, and as Bitcoin falls, altcoins will fall sharply. BTC began to decline from its high of 60,000 in 2021 to 20,000 in 2022. The main reason for the decline was the beginning of a bear market and the recovery of hot money. The market lacked hot money, like the lack of blood in the human body, resulting in decreased liquidity and corporate revenue. After going through this round of bear market decline, altcoins have removed all the bubbles, and there is a great chance that they will rebound in a bull market.
  2. Top exchanges haven’t delisted them. Top spot CEX exchanges like Binance and Coinbase still trade the above coins. They haven’t been delisted. It should be emphasized again that this condition is not suitable for DEX. Due to the regulation of CEX, when a coin is listed, CEX will conduct certain research to reduce the probability of the coin becoming worthless.
  3. Hotspot projects. Only market hotspot projects can attract funds, which is the entry of hot money. As mentioned earlier, hot money is like blood to the entire market. Without the support of hotspots, it is very difficult for unpopular projects to attract funding. All projects, whether traditional or blockchain, have a common feature: A-round financing, followed by B-round financing, followed by C-round financing, and then listed financing. They are constantly replenishing hot money for projects. The current market hotspot projects are: Metaverse, AI, Layer 2, Chain games, Chinese coins targeting mainstream currencies. Chain games will suffer the most severe blow in a bear market because the overall market lacks hot money, which is why chain game coins that survive in a bear market have the highest rebound in a bull market. Reason: Users will spend money on entertainment when they have money. Why are Chinese coins also listed in this factor? Because there is a flow rule in the industry, namely the flow effect. The source often starts at a high place and then flows down. It started from the United States, and then China will rise. There is a difference of 3-5 years between the front and the back, which is called industry flow.
  4. Market cap. Market cap is very important. In the stock trading market, large institutions often buy a certain amount of stocks first and then sell them to retail investors. Because the institution’s funds are large enough, financing efficiency is faster and costs are lower than financing retail investors. The advantage is that the institution’s holdings raise the price. The disadvantage is that once they sell, retail investors are often easily trapped. If the market cap is small, then the market maker can spend less money to boost the market. Prices rise quickly. For example, Bitcoin has such a large market cap that it requires a lot of funds to boost the market. If the market cap of a coin is 1/100 of Bitcoin’s, then the price of the coin rising 100 times is the same as the price of Bitcoin, which is impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to screen out the coins with a sufficient market cap.


Based on the above conditions, the coins for this month have been filtered. Note that the validity period is this month, from March 1st to March 30th. This is because in a bear market, without sufficient hot money, price fluctuations are easily affected by overall news and can experience huge fluctuations. No one can accurately explain whether the current price is the bottom. Additionally, this recommendation does not constitute any investment advice and is only for reference, observation, and practice, and does not constitute a purchase or investment recommendation.

Coins to observe for March 1st-30th:

Metaverse: Magic. Trading pair: MAGIC USDT

Layer 2: OP, STX Trading pairs: OP USDT, STX USDT

Chinese coins: CFX. Trading pair: CFX USDT

Blockchain gaming coins: In a long bear market, currently focusing on blockchain gaming coins is not suitable. If you must know what to recommend, you can take a look at Gala. There are more blockchain gaming projects under this coin. Since it is uncertain which blockchain gaming project will succeed, owning a general blockchain gaming coin with many projects is a foolproof operation. Trading pair: GALA USDT.