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What is CryptoGPT?

CryptoGPT is a ZK Layer-2 blockchain designed to create a trillion-dollar revolution in data and artificial intelligence (AI). What’s unique about this innovation is that it combines AI with blockchain technology and provides an ecosystem that treats data as an asset class, enabling you to turn every task in your daily life into a source of income.

CryptoGPT Business Model: X2Earn

CryptoGPT is an application with 2 million users, which is the only artificial intelligence platform that has come close to the success of ChatGPT. Developers of lifestyle, music, gaming, dating, travel, and other applications have joined CryptoGPT’s ecosystem to create new sources of data income. Is this the first sustainable 2Earn in Web3 history?

There is a big problem with Move-to-Earn programs – they are not sustainable and experience unlimited token inflation. The only way to solve the problem of unlimited token inflation is to have a strong revenue base to support payment to users.

Like ChatGPT, CryptoGPT is designed for mass retail adoption compared to other blockchain-based AI projects. This opens up an untapped market opportunity: entering the market through consumer applications.

This makes CryptoGPT the first sustainable “earn” ecosystem that pays users for contributing data and then sells that data on the global data market.

Users can access these markets by choosing to join AI-to-Earn. Through this program, users can earn cryptocurrency by sharing their AI data through CryptoGPT’s blockchain protocol.

How CryptoGPT Works?

CryptoGPT is a layer 2, dedicated blockchain for AI development.

Scalable Layer 2: CryptoGPT is a layer 2 solution that uses zkRollup technology. Its unique EVM compliance makes the protocol open to a vast codebase, allowing developers and users to get started quickly and easily.

Truly Distributed: CryptoGPT is carefully designed as a network that is not influenced by centralization. Mining models and security are kept consistent with activity. #ProofOfActivity ensures that the network’s security is enhanced while being adopted.

Fully Unlimited: Highly scalable, low-cost transactions combined with authorization infrastructure (data capsules, AI tools, plug-and-play profit launchers) create a blockchain that can expand global economic capabilities through AI economics.

CryptoGPT Milestone

In Q1 2023, the company officially launched its AI Data Capsule NFT. Additionally, initial applications within the ecosystem integrated start-up companies’ blockchain protocols on the testnet. Furthermore, this quarter saw the release of the App Launcher, which includes application developers committed to building on the CryptoGPT ZK-rollup Layer 2 infrastructure.

In Q2, the protocol is expected to be deployed on the mainnet. CryptoGPT will then begin its VPN AI data capture partnerships. By mid-year, CryptoGPT hopes to have 5 million users of its applications.

Starting in the second half of 2023, CryptoGPT advances its AI revolution by abandoning its AI Data Marketplace Beta version. This time is also the Beta testing period for the company’s mainnet. By then, CryptoGPT expects its user base to exceed 10 million.

In the last three months of 2023, CryptoGPT’s Mainnet Beta is released. The company’s Physical AI Data Capsule NFT release also takes place during this window. By year-end, CryptoGPT expects to have 20 million users.

Token Economics of CryptoGPT (GPT)

CryptoGPT is an Ethereum Layer 2 with its native asset being $GPT.

$GPT is the first multi-value gas token of its kind, where:

Ecosystem and Revenue

Every sustainable ecosystem requires sources of revenue to create sustainable value for its community. CryptoGPT has diversified revenue channels that make it not reliant on any specific reason and able to resist fluctuations.

1. GPT’s revenue comes from:

Gas fees
Core application revenue
Data Selling
Marketplace revenue
Data Capsule NFT sales

2. Cash flow of $GPT token

GPT stakers gain power over the ecosystem treasury in various utilities. The ecosystem treasury is an important means of redistributing the wealth generated by the AI revolution, funded by some ecosystem revenue channels.

The treasury is deployed to:
GPT buyback
GPT burning
Staking rewards
Venture capital

3. Ecosystem value

As the first multi-value native asset of its kind, the GPT token has an ecosystem value that goes beyond gas. It can be staked or held for various powerful utilities, including:
Ecosystem product discounts
Instant liquidity data
miners and buyers
Network validation

Is CryptoGPT a Good Investment?

CryptoGPT was launched against the background of ChatGPT’s popularity and Microsoft’s investment, as well as its huge breakthroughs in the search field. However, due to the overall market still being in a bear market phase, the price of CryptoGPT did not grow at least 10 times like other coins during a bull market, after it was listed on BingX exchange.

Trading Pair: GPT USDT

CryptoGPT covers many hot topics, including Layer2 and AI, as well as adding elements of NFT and X2Earn, making the entire project very interesting. The risk is whether CryptoGPT can safely navigate the bear market. If it can, then the explosive power of CryptoGPT, with its 5 million user base, during a bull market will be considerable. At the same time, during a bear market, it is also difficult for the price of CryptoGPT to rise quickly in the short term. Users who purchase CryptoGPT need to consider these two factors.