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May 31, 2024
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Will the Solana ETF be approved by the SEC? What’s the SOL price Prediction?
May 31, 2024
Hamster Kombat Airdrop Guide – How To Earn 5 Million Tokens
June 15, 2024

NOT Coin : Overview of TON Ecosystem Projects Catizen Hamster Kombat TON Punks Tapswap Yescoin

Recently, NOT has become the focal point in the crypto market. After being listed on BingX and experiencing more than ten days of decline, NOT entered a “violent surge” mode, with its price increasing by over 400% in just one week. The day before yesterday, NOT’s 24-hour global trading volume reached $4.646 billion, ranking fourth in global trading volume, just behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT.

The explosion of NOT is closely linked to the high expectations for the Toncoin ecosystem within the crypto market. Following NOT, other projects within the TON ecosystem have also received significant attention. Last month, the TON Foundation announced on its official blog a list of 14 projects that were approved for funding between March and April, covering areas such as social networking, gaming, and DeFi. However, after NOT’s massive surge, some of these projects have ceased updating their progress.

So, which projects within the TON ecosystem are still active? This article introduces nine projects worth paying attention to and engaging with.


Catizen is a product of Pluto Studio. It ranks first in the TON ecosystem’s official app store, Telegram Apps Center (TApps Center), due to its unique gameplay and extensive user engagement. Catizen has also launched a Launchpool mode, allowing players to stake game assets to earn in-game points called $wCATI.

Pluto Studio, focused on Web 3.0 mini-game publishing, has been developing within the Telegram and TON blockchain ecosystem for over a year. As an early development team and co-builder within the ecosystem, Pluto has received substantial support from the TON Foundation. Catizen is a new mini-game platform built on the experience from their previous TON ecosystem GameFi project, Tap Fantasy. By leveraging the development experience of Tap Fantasy, the team optimized related processes, giving Catizen a more refined economic model and superior community user experience.

Notably, on May 18, Catizen announced support for payments using Notcoin (NOT), allowing users to choose between TON or NOT for payments. Catizen will also launch a new social gameplay feature, SPIN, on June 5, where users can earn Fishcoins and xZEN with the help of friends or new players. xZEN, similar to wCATI points, affects the airdrop of Catizen’s governance token $CATI.

As of the time of writing, Catizen’s Twitter account has 1.25 million followers, and its Telegram channel has over 2.8 million subscribers.

Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is a Telegram-based clicker game where players earn tokens by clicking, and it also functions as a crypto trading simulator. Players act as the CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange, earning tokens through clicking, which can then be used to upgrade the exchange and expand their empire. Since its launch in March, Hamster Kombat has accumulated over 60 million users. The game’s popularity rivals that of Catizen and is another hit following Notcoin.

Hamster Kombat has announced a token airdrop on the TON blockchain to reward players who accumulate in-game tokens. The game is highly community-focused, with its YouTube channel, established less than two weeks ago, already having over 20 videos, each with more than 250,000 views. These videos feature hamsters reporting important blockchain news and market updates.

As of the time of writing, Hamster Kombat’s Twitter account has 5 million followers, and its Telegram channel has over 25 million followers.

TON Punks

TON Punks is an NFT collection project based on the TON blockchain, comprising 5,149 unique NFTs. The project aims to create a Play2Earn ecosystem based on Telegram bots and the TON blockchain. The TON Punks ecosystem has three main pillars: Punk Token, DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), and Chatbots.

Punk Token is a fungible token on the TON blockchain designed to be the best solution for P2E and community projects. It will allow staking alongside TON PUNKS NFTs. The DAO, managed using $PUNK tokens, requires a TON PUNK NFT as a ticket to enter. Chatbots are Play2Earn mechanisms based on Telegram bots, aimed at promoting the $PUNK token.

The project’s roadmap includes stages such as NFT minting, game release, token economy vision and launch, staking initiation, DAO and treasury establishment, and the release of the first game funded and voted on by the DAO. The team includes full-time engineer Krokodealer, crypto enthusiast George Lozovsky (involved in crypto since 2014), artist Kusok Pesok, and bot enthusiast Paket.

As of the time of writing, TON Punks’ Twitter account has over 210,000 followers.


Tapswap is a Tap2Earn mining game similar to Notcoin. Players click on the screen to earn game coins. The popularity of NOT has also brought significant attention to Tapswap. A week ago, the official announcement stated that the player count had surpassed 28 million, but today, the game interface shows a total player count of 40 million, with 17.9 million daily users.

Recently, Tapswap announced that the scheduled liquidity pool launch date would be postponed to July 1. The team discovered some bots exploiting system vulnerabilities to gain an unfair share. To ensure fairness for all participants, the team decided to delay the launch to address this issue.

As of the time of writing, Tapswap’s Twitter account has 4.8 million followers, and its Telegram channel has over 18 million followers.


After Notcoin’s success, other click-interactive games in the TON ecosystem gained attention. Yescoin is a Telegram-based casual interactive game with a “Swipe-To-Earn” interaction mode, where players earn coins by swiping the screen. Players can also form teams and invite friends to participate in the game, earning on-chain and off-chain rewards through YesPac, Yesbox, and other game elements.

Yescoin won awards in the third season of the TON ecosystem’s public league and has received multiple interactions from the TON and Telegram officials. According to the team, within a month of launch, the total user count exceeded 11 million, covering over 200 countries and regions. During the wallet linking event, over 200,000 users completed the linking within an hour.

As of the time of writing, Yescoin’s Twitter account has 2.2 million followers, and its Telegram channel has over 4.58 million followers.