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What is OrdStarter (ODSR) Coin? Why Will It Be A 100X Token?

1. Why are BRC-20 tokens more advantageous than Meme tokens?

The BRC-20 ecosystem has gained popularity significant in the Bitcoin community. BRC-20 tokens are preferred due to their fast issuance speed and low costs, making them suitable for community use. As a result, as more liquidity flows out of Meme tokens, it has been quickly moved into BRC-20 tokens. Meme tokens have experienced a significant price decline after the outflow of hot money, with popular top tokens like Pepe witnessing a price drop of over 300% within a week. In contrast, top BRC-20 tokens like ORDI have been affected only by the decline in Bitcoin prices, indicating the market’s positive outlook on BRC-20 tokens. Ethereum-based Meme tokens, with their low issuance efficiency and high gas fees, might become a thing of the past, giving way to various new public chains like Arbirtrum’s Meme tokens and BRC-20 tokens.

Since BRC-20 is based on Bitcoin, which is the leading cryptocurrency in the entire market, it is natural for the top community tokens to be based on BRC-20. BRC-20 ecosystem deserves significant attention as it has immense potential.

2.1 What is OrdStarter? First-mover advantage

OrdStarter is an incubator based on the BRC-20 Ordinals protocol of Bitcoin. It is the first incubator on the BRC-20 network, providing an integrated solution that includes BRC-20 LaunchPad, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), DeFi infrastructure for BRC-20 projects, and even community and lending services.

2.2 Other Advantages of OrdStarter

  • Community: OrdStarter is community-owned, and users holding its token ODSR can participate in IDO and other project voting.
  • Security: Full BTC node operation ensures the highest level of reliability and security for its users.
  • Insurance Mechanism: Innovative listing insurance to prevent malicious projects and safeguard investor interests.

2.3. Macro Analysis of Market Demand

In addition to its first-mover advantage, OrdStarter primarily targets the current issue of rapid development of BRC-20 tokens without corresponding platform and ecosystem support. Therefore, the future prospects of OrdStarter are promising in the eyes of investors.

3. What is the $ODSR Token?

ODSR is the token issued by OrdStarter, used for community voting, accessing various features of OrdStarter, and participating in governance and staking.

The total supply of OrdStarter is 21,000,000 tokens, with 60% allocated for IDO, 30% for airdrops and farming, and 10% as reserves for CEX/DEX. The estimated IDO price is around $0.047 and will be launched on BingX. Users interested in the ODSR airdrop can also follow this article and the ODSR community.

4. OrdStarter Roadmap

2023 Q2: OrdStarter launched on May 20th, and listing on BingX CEX.
2023 Q3: Launch of OrdStarter Incubator, community airdrops, community governance plan, ODSR buyback and burn.
2023 Q4: DEFI component launch, ODSR staking, developer API release, integration with NFT marketplaces.

5. Estimated ODSR Token Price?

ODSR is the first BRC-20 token to offer staking and has a buyback and burn mechanism, which provides additional value to its token. Furthermore, the token airdrop is scheduled to begin in the third quarter, after being listed on CEX, so the short-term price of the token may experience an increase rather than downward pressure.

The project is similar to Unisat but introduces more features on top of Unisat. In addition to assisting communities in launching their own BRC-20 tokens, it also incorporates certain mechanisms to reduce investor risk during token issuance. Considering that Unisat recently reached a valuation of over $100 million, if the project gains traction as a whole, its valuation is likely to surpass that of Unisat. It is a project worth paying attention to.

6. ODSR Token Airdrop

The details of the OrdStarter token airdrop have not been announced yet. Users can stay updated by following its official community to receive information about the airdrop. Alternatively, they can follow this article for real-time updates on the airdrop.

OrdStarter Official Website and Media

OrdStarter Official Website: https://ordstarter.com/
Whitepaper: https://docs.ordstarter.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OrdStarter
Telegram Group: http://t.me/OrdStarter


This article does not represent or constitute any investment advice. Users should be aware that investing in cryptocurrencies carries risks. Please conduct your own research (DYOR) before making any investment decisions.