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What’s Refundcoin (RFD) Token? Price Prediction

What is RFD token?

RFD token is the abbreviation for Refundcoin, a meme token created by the whale OG blurr.eth. Similar to the creation of PSYOP token, it is individually created and relies on personal influence. Therefore, RFD token does not have any community support and relies entirely on individuals.

The current total supply of RFD token is 1,000,000,000,000. According to the founder’s introduction, the token will not rug pull. Within less than 3 days of its launch, the price has already increased more than 100 times.

RFD token price prediction?

RFD token has been listed on several centralized exchanges, and many users bought it on the 22nd. The price increased 10 times after being listed on the BingX exchange. Currently, there are signs of selling pressure, so the price may experience a retracement before continuing to rise.

Support level: 5931. If it falls below 5931, the price will continue to decline. If not, the price will touch 5931 and continue to rise.

It is not recommended to hold at the current position.

Where can I buy meme tokens with lower transaction fees?

RFD purchases do not require taxes (some meme tokens may require taxes), and the lowest transaction fees can be found on the centralized exchange, BingX. Currently, purchasing on Uniswap incurs gas fees. If the purchase amount is below 100 USD, it is not recommended to use Uniswap to buy RFD tokens.