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Ronin Network RON Coin Staking and Airdrop Guide

Value of Ronin Network

Ronin Network is a sidechain of Ethereum. In the article “Ron Price Prediction,” it is explained that Ronin Network, leveraging its user base of AXS, has become a leading Layer 1 public chain for gaming.

In the blockchain industry, public chains have the least risk, and holding tokens on public chains often allows holders to receive airdrops from other projects on that chain.

Recently, the Pixels airdrop has allowed RON token stakers to earn a lot. Therefore, in 2024, many airdrops are based on staking tokens to earn points, which are then converted into tokens. This approach maximizes the avoidance of “whale attacks” that rely on multiple accounts to claim airdrops.

As a leading Layer 1 gaming public chain, Ronin Network will undoubtedly see more small games choosing to launch on the network, leveraging its user base for growth. Therefore, holding such public chain tokens during a bull market often brings three benefits: staking rewards, airdrop rewards, and token price appreciation.

This is the greatest charm of the cryptocurrency industry, unmatched by traditional stock markets.

How to Get Airdrops of Other Game Tokens by Staking Ron

Step 1: Go to the BingX exchange and purchase a certain amount of RON tokens. If you’re unsure about the current market price, it’s recommended to buy a small amount of RON tokens, such as $10.

Step 2: Download and install the Ronin Network wallet. You can choose between a wallet app or a Chrome extension. It’s recommended to choose the extension.

Step 3: Transfer the RON tokens purchased on BingX to your wallet.

Step 4: Stake the RON tokens on the Ronin Network’s official website at There are many validators inside, and it’s recommended to choose the Sky Mavis GV with a green icon, which is the development company of Ronin Network, for staking. Validators without a green mark belong to third parties and have some risk of rug pulls.

Step 5: The most important step. Keep a record of your staking activity on Ronin Network and follow Once there are airdrops, you will be notified immediately.


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