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What’s Milady Coin? Price Prediction? Live Chart

What is Milady Token?

If Pepe is a token that relies solely on market manipulation to drive up its price, then Milady (symbol: LADY) token is even more puzzling. The issuing team behind Milady is unknown. The token had a very short issuance period, with a total supply of 888 trillion, 95% of which was allocated for market issuance. The reason for the issuance was that a certain team/person purchased Milady NFT and then used the name of that NFT to launch the token.

What are the reasons behind the sharp price increase of Milady?

The market manipulation tactics used for Milady are almost identical to those used for Pepe. Through on-chain analysis tools, it was discovered that early buyers of Pepe and holders of Milady NFT were the same group of people. In other words, the same manipulators were driving up the prices of both tokens.

On the 10th, Musk tweeted about Milady NFT. Although Milady NFT and Milady Meme Coin are not directly related, in the past, Musk’s endorsement of tokens like Dogecoin has caused significant price surges. Therefore, after his tweet about the NFT, the price of LADY token experienced a surge of over 500%.


Milady price prediction?

Currently, LADY token is listed on BingX exchange. Users who follow QA.bingX.com will find that QA provides timely analysis and information about popular tokens. The fundamentals of Milady are very poor, and the market makers could sell off the tokens at any time. Since the same group of manipulators is involved with both Milady and Pepe tokens, the price manipulation tactics are likely to be similar.

Lady token’s supply: 888 trillion.

Pepe token’s supply: 50 trillion. Highest price: 0.0000042.

Based on a rough calculation using the supply ratio, the highest price for Lady token could potentially be pushed up to 0.00000021 and then experience a dump. The current price is 0.000000144.


How to buy Milady Meme token?

  1. Register an account on BingX.
  2. Deposit USDT, USDC, BTC, or ETH into your account.
  3. Click on the LADY USDT trading pair and proceed with the purchase.