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What’s zkApes (ZAT) Coin? How To Do Airdrop

What’s zkApes Coin?

ZAT is the token of zkApes. zkApes is a project built on the zkSync chain and is currently developing NFTs with a total supply of 9999. In addition, the NFTs can also be used in zkApes’ metaverse, which means there are multiple use cases for ZAT tokens.

For users who are not familiar with zkSync, you can click to read an introduction to zkSync and related airdrops.

How to participate in the ZAT airdrop?

BingX introduced the airdrop interaction related to zkSync early on, so users who have interacted on zkSync can receive a certain amount of ZAT token airdrop.

Step 1: Click on the ZAT official website zkape.io and go to the airdrop section.

Step 2: Connect the wallet you used for previous interactions.

Step 3: Click the “Claim” button.

Currently, the airdrop has ended, and users can directly purchase ZAT on the BingX exchange.

ZAT price prediction

70% of the total ZAT token supply is allocated for airdrops, 10% for project development, 10% locked for investors for one year, 5% for DAO, and 5% for marketing.

Since zkApes has projects related to the metaverse and NFTs, ZAT tokens have certain value. However, due to the 70% airdrop allocation, there may be selling pressure on the price after it is listed on exchanges.