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April 1, 2024

Solana AI Projects Analysis 2024

AI is the main narrative of blockchain in 2024 and also the largest application scenario of blockchain. Solana, with faster speed and lower transaction fees than Ethereum, has become the most chosen blockchain technology by traditional enterprises in the bull market of 2024.

The price increase of Solana in 2024 is mainly due to its applications in the two fields of Defi and Depin. In the AI field, Solana is still in its early stages, so the next driving factor for Solana’s price increase will be AI. AI may push Solana’s price from its historical high of $200 to $1000.

Focusing on AI projects on Solana is to explore the next hundredfold coin on Solana.


IO Net is GPU computing power rental on Solana. Anyone can earn Sol’s USDT rewards by renting out their computer’s GPU computing power. Unlike mining, rewards are only available when your GPU computing power is selected. In other words, the party wanting to use GPU computing power can freely choose which GPUs to provide computing power. Therefore, it may happen that GPUs are placed on io.net for several months without anyone choosing them, and no money can be earned.

Although any graphics card’s computing power can be placed on io.net for rental, the official recommended minimum configuration is Nvidia RTX 3040.


Get Grass is an AI built on Solana L2 network, which collects user’s internet usage data to obtain the data needed for AI learning. It is also the first L2 network on Solana. Currently, it is unclear what specific AI applications are available on Grass. Because providing internet usage data can earn rewards, it is recommended that any users who want to participate in the project use idle computers instead of work computers.

TARS AI (Tars Protocol)

In addition to IO.NET, TARS AI may be another promising project on Solana. TARS is also the earliest modular blockchain project on Solana. Originally named Tar Protocol, after rebranding, Tars protocol was renamed TARS AI. Because it adopts a modular blockchain, the generation of AI applications in TARS AI is modular, which is more friendly to AI developers. In addition to SOL, it also supports various popular public chains including ARB.


AI projects on Solana are not as numerous as those on ETH, and the history of IO.net, GetGrass, and TARS AI is not too long. Compared to projects like WLD, the funding background, development team, and projects are relatively small. However, such projects also mean greater growth potential and higher market value. Compared to projects with already huge market values like WLD, the advantages are obvious. At the same time, Solana’s AI projects do not have a star project yet. Once a star project appears, not only will the token prices of Solana’s AI projects increase, but the price of SOL tokens can also reach new highs again.