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March 21, 2024

Eigenlayer Renzo Airdrop Guide: A 10 Billion Project After Wormhole

Eigenlayer and Wormhole

If you missed the airdrop of Wormhole token, then you definitely cannot miss the airdrop of Eigenlayer, as it is a major project valued at over 10 Billion.

Eigenlayer is the first project proposed on Ethereum that introduces the concept of Restaking. Compared to the previous LSD, Eigenlayer has higher security in restaking and allows tokens on the current LSD to be restaked again.

The principle of Restaking is very simple. For example, if an investor stakes 1 ETH on LSD, they receive 0.97 stETH, which can be restaked using the restaking protocol on platforms supporting eigenlayer. This allows for interest rewards from staking twice.

Eigenlayer releases tokens on Ethereum that are needed for node validation, thereby providing a large amount of funds and liquidity to the entire Ethereum ecosystem. This is the reason Eigenlayer is valued at 10 Billion.

The airdrop of Eigenlayer is calculated in points. The number of points obtained depends on how much Defi restaking is participated in. Defi platforms supporting restaking generally have higher fees. Considering Gas fees, the cost of a single transaction is above $50 USD. Therefore, it is recommended that a single transaction be above 0.3 ETH, which is around $1000 USD.

Eigenlayer Airdrop

Listed here is a strategy for airdrops on two platforms, completed through Restaking.

Step 1: You need to purchase a minimum of 0.3 ETH on the BingX exchange and transfer this amount to your Metamask wallet on the main network (ETH Mainnet).

Step 2: Stake 0.3 ETH on Renzo protocol to receive points on Renzo protocol and qualify for future airdrop rewards.

Step 3: Use Connext to bridge the staked rzETH to the main network of Blast, to receive platform points on Blast.

List of Websites:

Purchase Ethereum: https://bingx.com/en-us/prices/ethereum/

Renzo Protocol: https://app.renzoprotocol.com/restake

Connext Bridge: https://bridge.connext.network

Blast: blast.io

Other Notes:

Many Defi platforms claim to offer Eigenlayer airdrop points, so if the amount of funds is relatively small, the actual tokens obtained from Eigenlayer’s airdrop may be very limited.

The main purpose of Restaking is to release Ethereum staked for node validation. For ordinary investors, it is important to note the token dumping that may occur with the launch of Eigenlayer.

Due to the Ethereum narrative, projects including Blast will face significant pressure from token dumping upon launch. Therefore, it is important to closely monitor the timing of token listings on exchanges.

BingX will list Eigenlayer and Blast tokens as soon as possible, and users can follow BingX for spot listing information.