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Tokens Watching: 10x Coin 100x Coin Analysis 2023 Q4 V2


In the “10X Coin 100X Coin Analysis Report V1,” it was pointed out that in Q4 2023, due to the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike and the outflow of hot money, the market lacked funds. In such a situation, it is difficult for the price of Bitcoin to form a trending upward movement. At the same time, influenced by news events, the price of Bitcoin is prone to sudden fluctuations of 3000 points up and down. The market lacks hotspots (short-term popular projects), so most retail investors are in a wait-and-see attitude. However, institutions have been holding Bitcoin continuously in the past few months, and according to online data tracking, the number of wallets holding more than 100 Bitcoins has increased to 15,970. The market is accumulating the energy it needs for an upward trend (Peter, 2023).
At the same time, because the market value of Bitcoin is significant, not every retail investor holds 100 Bitcoins. Therefore, the focus of the “10X Coin 100X Coin Analysis” report is how to mine cryptocurrencies that can outperform Bitcoin in terms of price gains.

Because the cryptocurrency market is risky, no one can accurately predict that a token will definitely rise. Therefore, users need to be cautious about the tokens mentioned in the investment report. Continuous updates of the assets held, selling of poor assets, and holding of quality assets are necessary to ensure that income can exceed 1X, 10X, or even 100X in the high-risk cryptocurrency market (Castro, 2019).

Bitcoin Market and ETF

Bitcoin has a large market capitalization, so the rising price of Bitcoin often drives the prices of other altcoins higher. In this report, we focus on which industries and tokens will rebound first when the price of Bitcoin rebounds. By paying attention to these assets, users can decide whether to enter the token market based on the funds they hold.
Bitcoin’s price has been soaring due to recent bullish news about the possibility of an ETF.

Based on data analysis, if the Bitcoin ETF is approved, the conservative estimate is that the price of Bitcoin will rise to $38,000 USD. Therefore, Bitcoin is considered undervalued at $28,000 USD. At the same time, whether the Bitcoin ETF will be approved on January 20, 2024, remains uncertain. Therefore, the price of Bitcoin is estimated to fluctuate at a high level between $34,000 USD and $35,000 USD.

When Bitcoin rises, the first round of the rise is usually led by public chains. Because in 2023, due to the upgrade of Ethereum, a large number of public chains have adopted Ethereum Layer 2, the heat of public chain projects has passed. Following that is the application of public chains, which is DeFi. So during the high-level oscillation of Bitcoin, DeFi and Meme tokens often become popular. Since the hotspots and lifespan of Meme tokens are very short, and the risk factor is the highest, Meme tokens are not the most preferred choice in the medium-term investment portfolio. Meme tokens are not included in this analysis report.

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