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April 28, 2022
What’s NEO?
May 1, 2022

What’s Mask Coin?

Mask Network is a platform that provides users with access to the decentralized web, also known as Web 3.0, through the Mask Network browser extension. Unlike other platforms that create new infrastructure, Mask Network connects existing mainstream platforms with Web 3.0. The current internet is dominated by technology firms, and users have limited control over their data and content. Social media platforms often have restrictions and benefit from users’ data without offering much in return.

The Mask Network extension aims to solve these problems. Users can install the extension, connect their wallets, and access Web 3.0 features on familiar Web 2.0 sites. The extension supports blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. Users can keep their content private, send encrypted messages, view crypto asset prices, create Web 3.0 profiles, trade NFTs, and store files on a decentralized network.

The platform’s native token is MASK, which is also used as a governance token for MaskDAO, the governing decentralized autonomous organization of the Mask ecosystem. Each MASK token represents one vote in DAO-related activities. The Mask Grant Program is also in place to support initiatives that can contribute to or integrate into the Mask Network crypto ecosystem.