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Will ZepetoX be a 100x coin? How to buy ZTX tokens?

The ZepetoX token (token symbol ZTX) will be listed on the South Korean exchange Bithumb tonight (October 16, 2023) at 7 p.m., and it was already listed on the BingX exchange on the same day at 3 p.m. So, users are wondering, “What is ZepetoX token? Is it a potential 100x coin?”

What Is ZepetoX Project? What Is Token ZTX?

ZepetoX is a metaverse project led by Jump Crypto with a total investment of 13 million USD. Similar to games like Minecraft, the difference is that ZepetoX offers many free items, such as land, buildings, and avatars, apart from NFTs. Furthermore, ZepetoX boasts a stylish design inspired by South Korean design excellence. The first batch of free accounts for the game has already been distributed, and the second batch will be available shortly.

The ZTX token is the community token of ZepetoX, with a total supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens. Token distribution is as follows:

Investors and the team hold 21.50% of the tokens, which are locked for 6 months. 4% of the tokens are allocated for airdrops, including early players and those who purchased ZepetoX NFTs in August.

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ZepetoX Price Prediction? Is It a Potential 100x Coin?

ZepetoX is already trading on BingX spot exchange at a price of $0.025. With a token investment of 13 million USD and an estimated total supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens, the token’s price stands at $0.013. Previous tokens listed on South Korean exchanges have experienced significant price surges. Additionally, ZepetoX’s NFT sales in August reached 400 ETH in trading volume, a noteworthy achievement during a bearish NFT market. The app has also surpassed 100 million downloads on Google Play.

Based on the provided information, it is estimated that ZepetoX has a 50% chance of increasing by 5-10 times. The possibility of a 100x gain is at 5%, mainly due to the project not being a hot topic and its promotion focusing on Asia.

The fact that ZepetoX’s price did not increase upon listing on BingX suggests that the token’s price escalation will depend on its listing on the South Korean exchange.

Additionally, 4% of the tokens will be airdropped, which may introduce selling pressure.

Risks and Exit Strategy for ZepetoX – October 16, 2023

The metaverse is not currently a hot topic, and due to the project’s lack of a clear revenue model, ZepetoX carries a moderate level of risk.

If you bought the token at around $0.026 and it experiences a drop of more than 25% (to $0.020), consider exiting. This indicates a lack of funds, and tokens airdropped to users are being sold off.

If the token’s price continues to rise after listing on the South Korean exchange and reaches $0.05, sell half of your holdings to recover the initial investment. Then let the remaining profits follow the token’s price increase until a clear signal of a downturn appears.

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Token price updates will be provided below.


Investing in cryptocurrencies involves risks, and this article does not constitute any investment advice. No one can predict cryptocurrency prices with 100% accuracy, and users must take responsibility for any losses incurred when buying cryptocurrencies. Before purchasing any cryptocurrency, users should perform their own research (DYOR). Cryptocurrencies are neither currencies nor securities, and it is not recommended to buy any cryptocurrencies if users lack the necessary funds.

Token Updates – October 16, 2023

After being listed on the South Korean exchange, due to users selling airdropped tokens, the price did not increase but instead fell below $0.020.

In a scenario where no new funds enter the market, the token’s price may fluctuate in the range of $0.17 to $0.20.