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November 28, 2023
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January 2, 2024

ZK Fair ZKF Coin Airdrop and Price Prediction

Due to the fervor around Bitcoin inscriptions, “fairness” is the biggest narrative in current token sales. Traditional token sales remain a centralized model where large institutions and investors invest first and then list on top CEXs (centralized exchanges). Whether an airdrop happens depends entirely on the project; if the project refuses an airdrop, after the token is listed, institutional investors sell the token to retail at a high price. This is also the operational model in traditional stock markets.

Inscriptions like BRC-20 Mint during the token initiation phase, distributing tokens to the community. ARC-20 introduces a POW mechanism, allowing more people to access initial tokens. This is what’s called a “fair” distribution mechanism.

ZKF token airdrop is 100% token airdrop, where users need to interact on the mainnet, using a certain Gas fee to obtain corresponding ZKF tokens. During the airdrop, consuming a USDC Gas Fee will yield 250 ZKF tokens, making the initial cost 0.004 USD/ZKF.

Total tokens airdropped are 9 billion, similar to bitcoin inscriptions; acquiring tokens during the initialization phase carries the least risk.

How to Get ZKF Tokens Airdrop?

Airdrops require using MetaMask wallet to bridge USDC from the ETH chain to ZK Fair network. Each transaction incurs a 2.72% Gas Fee, excluding the current Ethereum Gas Fee. Reverting from ZK Fair Bridge to ETH mainnet requires a minimum of 48 hours for confirmation. Considering the current Ethereum Gas Fee of 11.5, a transaction costs between 10 USD to 12 USD.

If solely for obtaining airdropped tokens, each time bridging USDC to ZKFair network only requires setting 1U.

Most airdrops have ended; only Ordinal holders still have a 5% airdrop. It will start once official support for the Ordinal protocol is available, making it the first token to airdrop to Ordinal community users.

Is ZKF a Hundredfold Token?

ZK Fair is the first network of its kind, a Layer 2 network of Jaqueline Polygon CDK and Celestia DA. Compared to current mainstream Layer 2 networks like ARB and OP, ZK Fair is more flexible.

The Cancun upgrade benefits major Layer 2 public chains including ARB, OP, Linea, ZKSync, reducing Gas Fees by 10 times. For Layer 2 networks like ZK Fair, the Cancun upgrade enhances the efficiency of its two modules, Polygon CDK and Celestia DA, leading to faster product development.

At the current issuance price of 0.01, ZKF’s market value is 90 million, and an estimated market value of 200 million will be the initial target. After this, it depends on the speed of project development on the public chain. If it’s fast enough, then ZKF’s value could exceed 1 billion. Slow development, fewer developers than expected, could cause the token price to plummet.

Whether 100% airdropping tokens to the community can lead to rapid development is about entrusting application development entirely to the community. The large number of participants in the airdrop could trigger selling pressure, estimated to drop the price to around $0.004.

As BingX has no market makers, the token’s price has continuously risen after listing on BingX.

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