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Candy Pocket Coin Airdrop Mining And Price Prediction

Candy Pocket Token, symbol $Candy, is about to be listed on various CEX platforms, including BingX.

What is Candy Pocket Token?

$Candy is the token of Candy Pocket, a platform for aggregating airdrop missions. Unlike other airdrop aggregation platforms, Candy Pocket does not simply distribute airdrop missions. It adopts both mining and airdrop reward mechanisms.

Candy Pocket Airdrop Projects

By downloading the Candy Pocket app or visiting the official website www.candypocket.com and registering, users can access various airdrop missions from different platforms. These missions are suitable for collaboration with Candy Pocket, and users receive rewards in the form of Candy tokens.

Since the website primarily encourages users to use the app, the login interface is hidden within the registration interface button at the bottom. The app does not have this issue.

Candy Token Mining

Candy token mining is an online reward provided by the platform, and it does not require logging in to mine. Currently, users receive an average daily reward of 9.6 Candy tokens. Users can choose to exchange the rewarded tokens for NFTs in collaboration with other platforms or sell them for USDT.

Total Supply of Candy Token

The total supply of Candy tokens is 330 million. Currently, 100 million tokens have been burned, indicating a deflationary state.

Features of Candy Pocket

As Candy Pocket is a wallet, it allows for transfers using USDT. The platform also plans to introduce physical goods, allowing users to purchase products within Candy Pocket using USDT. Currently, the platform supports various collaborations such as NFTs, blind boxes, and P2P services.

Estimated Price of $Candy Token

The Candy Pocket project is interesting overall because users can only participate in airdrops after registering, which helps to mitigate issues related to multiple accounts taking advantage of the system.

The project’s future development depends on how many top projects it can integrate with for conducting airdrops on Candy Pocket.

Currently, the token price is $0.30. In the current market situation with a lack of hot money, the price may not experience significant growth upon listing on CEX exchanges. Additionally, since the tokens can already be converted to USDT within the wallet, there is less downward pressure.

Interested users can keep an eye on the Candy token airdrop on BingX.