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What’s MongCoin MONG USDT Token? Price Prediction

What is MONG?

$Mong is the MongCoin Meme token, which was listed on the decentralized exchange Uniswap in May. All holders of Mong NFTs are eligible for the Mong airdrop. Currently, the floor price for Mong NFTs is 0.074 ETH, which translates to approximately $100 based on the current Ethereum market price.

Due to the airdrop effect of the Mong token, the trading volume of Mong NFTs reached its peak in May at 2.5 ETH per day. Since then, both the trading volume and floor price of NFTs have been in a declining phase. Given the current lack of hot money in the market, it is not recommended to hold Mong NFTs to receive the airdrop.

What is the value of the MONG token? Is it worth investing in?

The official website of Mong,, clearly explains that the token is purely for entertainment purposes. Therefore, the token itself does not have any intrinsic value. The current price has already reached its bottom, and whether it will rise or not depends on the influence of the crypto industry.


How to buy MONG tokens

Although the official website provides a direct link to purchase the tokens on Uniswap, the key point is that Uniswap’s Gas Fees are high, and it also takes a relatively long time to sell the tokens. Therefore, for meme tokens that have already been listed on centralized exchanges, it is more convenient and faster to buy them directly on the centralized exchange.

BingX users can directly purchase on the BingX spot market with the trading pair Mong/USDT.

For new users who don’t have USDT in their accounts, they can choose the major credit card payment channels and directly use their credit card to recharge USDT.