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How To Buy Sell BRC-20 SATS Coin

Can BRC-20 Tokens Still Be Purchased?

BRC-20 tokens were popular in May 2023. However, their popularity only lasted for 21 days in a market lacking hot money. Subsequently, the price of BRC-20 tokens followed Bitcoin’s fluctuations and reached its lowest point around September 8, 2023.

The biggest difference between BRC-20 and ETH NFTs lies in the fact that their data is recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain, which is immutable and permanent. ETH uses smart contracts, so NFTs are not written directly onto the ETH blockchain but are instead embedded in the contract’s content. This presents several flaws and issues for NFTs. This has led to the development of NFT storage tokens that store NFT images entirely on the blockchain. As a result, the cost of storing NFTs on the blockchain is quite high, unless the NFTs have significant collectible value. After all, someone has to foot the bill for storage costs.

Another solution is for ETH enthusiasts to create a protocol similar to BRC-20 but based on Ethereum called ERC-20. However, in any field, later entrants, unless fundamentally different, tend to have a very small market share and user base. So, there are very few users of ERC-20.

The biggest problem is that ETH’s Gas Fees are higher than BTC’s.

Therefore, in the long term, BRC-20 may regain popularity when the market recovers, but after that, it may not see much impact. This is because the sale of BRC-20 tokens requires support from centralized exchanges (CEX) to be sold one by one. Otherwise, it results in a one-time sale equal to the minted quantity, which poses significant circulation problems.

What is SATS Token?

SATS is a type of BRC-20 token that has not been fully minted, as the supply is relatively large. There are also a significant number of users holding SATS, with over 30,000 users currently holding it, making it the most held BRC-20 token.

As of September 22, 2023, there is still 3% of SATS tokens that have not been minted, so there are two ways to obtain SATS tokens.

First Method: Obtaining SATS through Unisat’s Minting

Step 1: Download the Unisat wallet and deposit an equivalent of 10 USD in BTC to use.

Step 2: Visit Unisat’s official website at, and under the BRC-20 category, search for SATS (note that token search is in the lower left corner).

Step 3: Click on SATS token and choose “Mint Directly.”

Step 4: Pay the miner fee, which varies depending on the congestion of the BTC network. Fees range from 1.6 USD to 20 USD or even higher.

Note: You can only mint a maximum of 100,000,000 tokens at once. If you exceed this limit, you’ll need to repeat the minting process and pay the miner fee again. So, if you mint 10 sets of 100,000,000 tokens, you’ll need to mint 10 times, with a minimum miner fee of 16 USD.

Second Method: Purchasing SATS Directly on BingX Exchange

As mentioned earlier, for BRC-20 token trading, support from centralized exchanges (CEX) is required for splitting sales or purchasing quantities exceeding the minting limit. Due to Unisat’s liquidity issues, bulk buying and selling are the primary options.

Buying on a CEX can be more cost-effective, just like purchasing other tokens.

Step 1: Register on BingX.

Step 2: In the spot market, select SATS USDT.

Step 3: Enter the quantity you wish to purchase and click “Buy.”

Note: Purchasing quantities exceeding the minting limit, i.e., 100,000,000 SATS, is more cost-effective. Currently, SATS on BingX is priced at 1448. Purchasing 100,000,000 tokens would only cost 1.48 USD, which is less than the 1.6 USD miner fee.

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