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How To Do Starknet Quest NFT Airdrop?

What’s Starknet?

Starknet is the mainnet of Starkware, and it is one of the two largest projects on Layer 2. Many people are paying attention to Starknet because it is anticipated to have token distribution or airdrops. For detailed information about Starkware and airdrop guidelines, you can refer to the following content:  What’s StarkWare (Starknet) Coin Valued at $8 Billion? Airdrop and Price Prediction

What is Starknet Quest?

Starknet Quest is a game on the Starkware chain that currently offers three NFT airdrops. Players can claim three different NFTs by reaching three different levels in the game StarkFighter.”

Before that, you need to refer to the article ” What’s StarkWare (Starknet) Coin Valued at $8 Billion? Airdrop and Price Prediction” and download the official wallet of StarkWare called Argent. You also need to transfer a small amount of ETH to the wallet for cross-chain purposes. This is because claiming the airdrop requires a gas fee of less than $0.35 USD. Additionally, you will need to purchase a Starknet domain for your Argent wallet ID, which is referred to as Stark ID on the official website.。

purchase Stark ID at:  www.starknet.id

Starknet Quest NFT Airdrop Guide

To claim the three NFTs, the first one is relatively simple, just give it a try. For the second NFT, players need to play the game and survive for 60 seconds. As for the third NFT, players need to survive for 100 seconds.