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Is Degen Zoo a Good Investment?

Degen Zoo is a blockchain-based NFT charity game inspired by Logan Paul’s failed game. It allows users to play and interact by buying, auctioning, and trading digital animals.

Degen Zoo uses the Ethereum blockchain as its underlying technology and relies on the NFT (non-fungible token) standard to create unique and irreplaceable digital animals. In less than 30 days of development, over 115,000 wallets have registered to join the game.

What’s Degen Zoo Core Development Team

As an important partner of Logan Paul, Cristoph Zaknum took on the challenge of building a game based on the concept of cryptocurrency Zoo. In Degen Zoo, players destroy 120 different endangered species NFTs to gain economic benefits, simulating the impact of capitalism on animal extinction. It is a complex game, but Zaknum managed to achieve his goal, releasing Degen Zoo to the testnet a few hours before the 30-day deadline.

During the development process, Zaknum updated his progress every day and raised over $700 million in pledges from more than 115,000 unique wallets. However, the most important thing is that Zaknum promised to donate all of Degen Zoo’s revenue to help protect endangered species, which is in stark contrast to the YouTube star’s refusal to return the money he received from Cryptocurrency Zoo.

Degen Zoo also offers some gameplay and challenges, such as the “Combat Arena,” where players can compete and earn rewards by using their digital animals to participate in battles. Additionally, Degen Zoo provides a breeding and reproduction mechanism, allowing players to create new digital animals by breeding their own.

What is DZOO?

DZOO is the game token for Degen Zoo (BingX Trading Pair DZOO USDT), mainly used for staking and get an NFT. That will have certain gas fees of ETH when staking DZOO in the Degen Zoo website


Is Degen Zoo a Good Investment?

Blockchain games are still in the exploratory stage within the entire blockchain industry. The popularity of blockchain games is influenced by players. Once players lose interest in the game, the token price of the game will plummet. Degen Zoo is an NFT charity game where users can donate to save endangered animals by playing the game. In addition, the NFTs obtained can also be used for collection, which is why the current price of DZOO is only 7 cents. It is recommended that users view this game from a charitable perspective. If the goal is to invest in DZOO coins to earn income, there is still high risk from an investment analysis perspective. Many celebrities also “play (donate)” this game from a charitable perspective.