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Manta Airdrop Guide, How To Get Manta on DEX?

What is Manta?

Modular blockchains have become very popular lately due to the rising price of Celestia. The advantage of modular blockchains is that dApp development becomes simplified, similar to a drag-and-drop operation. So many recent projects use Celestia’s data layer to modularize the entire blockchain. Manta Network is designed with this structure in mind.

Manta Network consists of two parts. One part is built on Ethereum Layer 2, called “Manta Pacific,” and the other is built on Polkadot using the Celestia data layer, Layer 1. So, it’s a modular blockchain itself. The benefit of this approach is that the advantages of cross-chain assets can be fully utilized. Manta Network can also support various tokens, and traditional ETH can be used directly on Manta Network.

The project is valued at 700 million USD, and Manta token airdrops have become quite hot recently.

How to Get Manta Token Airdrops?

There are two ways to receive Manta token airdrops. One is by staking Ethereum on Manta Network, and the other is by holding Celestia token Tia to receive Manta airdrops.

Staking Ethereum not only allows you to receive Ethereum rewards but also Manta Network’s NFT rewards.

Step 1: Connect your MetaMask wallet to Manta’s website

Step 2: Click “Earn Manta Yield” to stake ETH on Manta Pacific. Celestia holders can see the amount of Manta rewards they will receive here. You need to enter an invitation code.

You can obtain the invitation code on Twitter.

To get Manta NFTs, you need to bridge some ETH to Manta Network, and you can receive chest rewards every day. Chests can contain NFT components. Collecting all NFT components allows you to craft a Manta Mystery Gift.

Manta OTC Trading

Compared to traditional airdrops, Manta’s airdrops offer rewards not only in tokens but also in NFTs. So staking provides 5 benefits on Manta, including staking rewards, token airdrops, NFT components, NFT synthesis rewards, and liquidity mining rewards.

There are many aspects involved, and many investors may not have the time to participate in airdrops. They inquire about where to directly purchase Manta tokens.

Currently, Manta tokens are not airdropped directly into wallets but are displayed as points. Off-exchange trading of these points is not possible, like with Blur. Therefore, you will need to wait for the tokens to be listed on an exchange, and you can purchase them directly on the BingX exchange.