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Solana Ecosystem Coins Airdrop Guide. What’s the Next 100X Token 2024

In 2023, the popularity of Inscription, represented by BRC-20, created a large number of millionaires. BRC-20 also made it clear that getting a 100x return on tokens on top-tier CEX exchanges in 2024 is very challenging. Almost all 100x tokens are listed on smaller spot exchanges like BingX and decentralized exchanges.

Why BingX? Because BingX doesn’t have a Maker. As long as a token is assessed to have potential, it will be listed on BingX’s spot exchange. The price of a token starts to rise even before it is listed on a top-tier CEX. Once listed on a top-tier spot exchange, the price generally increases by 40%, making further gains difficult. So, the reason many tokens on BingX can achieve 100x returns is because they are listed early.

If you want to get tokens earlier than the public sale, there are only two ways: 1. Mint tokens, 2. Airdrop.

Due to Ethereum’s narrative fatigue, Solana has gained opportunities for development, resulting in a significant number of Solana projects and corresponding airdrops. This article explores five airdrops from projects worth paying attention to, and obtaining these airdrops is relatively simple.

Things to Note When Participating in Solana Ecosystem Token Airdrops:

  1. The larger the amount of tokens you want to get from an airdrop, the more funds you need to commit. Obtaining airdrop tokens often involves depositing a certain amount of Solana or USDC, which is then converted into tokens through a scoring system. Therefore, whether you participate with multiple wallets or a single wallet, the final result is the same.
  2. Airdrops require the use of the Phantom wallet or Solflare wallet.
  3. To obtain airdrop tokens, you need to purchase a certain amount of Solana from BingX and transfer it to your wallet. It is recommended to have a balance of around 10 Solana, which is approximately worth 1000 USD.

List of Airdrop Projects:


Marginfi is the largest lending project on Solana with a TVL (Total Value Locked) of 300 million USD.

The airdrop is based on a scoring system. To participate, visit and lend or borrow tokens. Lending 1 USD for a day earns you 1 point, while borrowing 1 USD for a day earns you 4 points. The rewards are based on the value of tokens equivalent to 1 USD, calculated according to the token’s price for the day. Therefore, if you lend or borrow unstable coins, there may be a risk of liquidation. It is recommended to lend or borrow USDC/USDT.

To convert Solana into Solana chain’s USDC or USDT, it is recommended to use Jupiter, as Solana’s Jupiter is a DEX and is also conducting airdrops. Visit

Borrowing provides higher point rewards, but it comes with interest costs, whereas lending earns interest returns. Therefore, borrowing has higher costs.

Kamino Finance

Kamino Finance is in direct competition with Marginfi on Solana. In addition to lending, it also offers token derivatives trading and supports leverage. On Kamino, you can trade BTC, ETH, and Solana derivatives with leverage; it is a DEX.

Currently, the airdrop also uses a point-based system, where both lending and borrowing earn 1 point per 1 USD equivalent of tokens per day. If you provide liquidity in Yield Farming, you can earn double points. Additionally, lending or borrowing USDC/USDT earns higher point rewards.

Official website:


Meteora is a decentralized exchange on Solana that uses DLMM technology. Its TVL is currently at 40 million USD.

To receive the airdrop tokens, you need to provide liquidity for any pool in the LST Pools. The exchange has confirmed the airdrop, but the details of the airdrop points are not yet clear.

When providing liquidity, you need another token besides Solana, such as bSOL. The token’s price may experience significant fluctuations recently, so users looking to obtain the airdrop with a smaller investment may consider participating.

Official website:


Sniper is a Solana-based NFT trading platform similar to Blur. Like Blur, it uses a point-based system, where trading NFTs earns corresponding points. Solana NFTs are sold on the platform and can also earn points.

Because NFTs themselves have lower liquidity, Solana NFTs have even lower liquidity. Therefore, the token prices on NFT trading platforms tend to be more volatile. The advantage is that Solana NFT prices are generally lower, making the required investment for the airdrop relatively small compared to Blur.

Official website:


Jupiter has confirmed an upcoming airdrop of the JUP token. Participating in the airdrop is simple: swap Solana to USDC on Jupiter and then swap USDC back to SOL. The airdrops will depends on your amount of trading volume on Jupiter. Additionally, recent airdrops from other projects on the Solana chain have also involved Jupiter, so using this DEX for swaps not only earns you JUP tokens but also potential airdrops from other projects in the future.

Official website:


Unlike Ethereum’s airdrops, most Solana airdrops use a point-based system, which is publicly and transparently displayed. Solana’s gas fees are also relatively low. Users who have previously participated in Linea airdrop tasks have likely encountered the challenge of receiving NFT airdrops that had little to no value, with high gas fees due to too many people participating. This resulted in negative ROI for the entire airdrop, effectively providing free work for the project without any benefit.

This is also one of the major reasons why Ethereum is not highly regarded in 2024. The profits are mostly going to large institutions, and retail investors are unable to earn income from Ethereum’s ecosystem.

In 2024, 100x tokens are likely to be found in the Solana ecosystem and Celestia’s airdrops. For the latest information on Celestia ecosystem airdrops, you can click on the “Cosmos Celestia Airdrop Guide” to learn more.