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January 30, 2024
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Solana Zeta Market Coin Airdrop How To Do

In the Solana Ecosystem Airdrop Guide, we’ve previously discussed the significant wealth potential of Solana’s ecosystem airdrops in Q1 2024. Many users have already earned over $10,000 in tokens from previous airdrops.

Evaluation of Zeta Token

Zeta is Solana’s decentralized futures exchange, boasting faster TPS speeds than CEX. Due to significantly lower Gas Fees on the Solana network compared to ETH, centralized exchanges on Solana don’t charge high Gas Fees, as seen with Uniswap, where transactions below $100 can cost up to $20 in Gas Fees.

Currently, Zeta has a TVL (Total Value Locked) of $12.95 million and $8.5 million in financing, with a token valuation of $0.04.

The first phase of Zeta’s airdrop ended on December 30th, and a new airdrop began on January 20th, with 2/3 of the tokens being distributed in future airdrops. To obtain tokens, users participate in trading, with higher trading volumes resulting in more points and, consequently, more tokens. Since it involves futures trading with 5x leverage, there is a risk of liquidation, so users need to be cautious while trading.

Additionally, the short-term price of Bitcoin is expected to fluctuate around $43,000 and could reach $45,000. Around $45,000, you may consider taking a short position. For detailed price analysis, you can refer to the Bitcoin price page.

Please note that the information provided does not constitute any trading advice. Cryptocurrency trading is highly risky, and users may risk losing their entire capital. Users are advised to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) thoroughly.