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What’s The Reason Of BALD Coin (Base chain) Raised 400 Times? Price Prediction

Recently, Bitcoin has been trading sideways with little fluctuation in trading volume. However, market funds are constantly seeking short-term arbitrage opportunities, which is why meme tokens tend to experience sudden surges when there is no market movement, but they don’t see the same increase when Bitcoin experiences significant gains.

What is BALD?

BALD is a meme token on the Coinbase Ethereum Layer 2 chain called Base. On July 13, 2023, Base mainnet was launched, and BALD was directly listed on Coinbase exchange on the 30th. At the same time, the BingX exchange also listed the BALD token.

What is the reason for the surge in BALD?

Similar to other meme tokens, BALD token does not have any practical use and is purely a community token for entertainment. However, given the effect of previous top meme token Cheems on ZK, BALD, as the top meme token on Base, quickly saw a huge price surge.

So, in BingX QA’s guide to hundredfold coins investment, the first criterion for choosing a token is being a top project. The second criterion is being a hot topic, and BALD meets both of these criteria.

What is the price prediction for BALD?

The price surge of BALD is mainly due to a small number of buyers holding a significant amount of tokens, and the price surge occurred right after the listing. Unlike Pepe and Cheems, where retail holders have more tokens and the upward cycle is longer, this surge is like a person running, suddenly speeding up but losing steam later. Therefore, after the surge, large holders immediately start selling, causing the price of BALD to begin to decline.

In the short term, the price is currently declining, and it is predicted to go down to 0.02.



The above does not constitute any investment advice, and users should conduct their own research (DYOR). Investing in meme tokens carries risks, and users need to bear it on their own.