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July 31, 2023
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What Are The Next 100 Times Coins in 2023? Analysis

Background and Introduction

The Balancer token in 2023 has striking similarities to the Balancer token of the previous bear market. In the previous bull market, Balancer was a leading Meme token on the public chain. Such tokens had relatively low capital requirements – investments of $1, $100, or even $1 million were possible. Anyone could hold a token. Simultaneously, due to their lower market cap, price fluctuations were influenced by market makers, resulting in price swings of up to 1000 times or even higher.

However, meme tokens also carry very high risks and are not suitable for long-term holding. Therefore, after several rounds of education on meme tokens, opportunities for gains exceeding 100 times have become increasingly scarce. With the onset of regulations, it is foreseeable that by next year, 2025, the probability of a meme token having a 100-fold chance will be zero.

Finding the Next Hundredfold Meme Token is the Focus of this Article and a Question Many Users are Asking

How to Identify a Hundredfold Meme Token

In 2023, popular projects during the bear market are Layer 2 public chains. Only the hottest projects can attract the most hot money and the largest number of users. According to BingX’s listing data, the Layer 2 projects listed on BingX in 2023 are as follows:

  • Base: TOSHI, BALD
  • zkSync: CHEEMS

Among public chain projects, the tokens on BingX that have grown by over 100 times are:

Toshi (Base), Bald (Base), Cheems (zkSync), Aidoge (ARB). Except for OP, there are no meme tokens among the others. The three public chains that achieved growth of over 100 times are all meme tokens and belong to the leading meme tokens of public chains.

Patterns of Hundredfold Meme Tokens

Why isn’t it OP chain? Because the biggest difference between OP and ARB, zkSync, and Base is that OP’s price experienced a sharp increase after listing, attracting a large amount of funds on the public chain, and no longer needing meme tokens to provide token popularity. Therefore, from the above data, we can conclude that the next hundredfold token will definitely be a meme token on the upcoming public chains Linea and Polygon ZKEvm chain.

About the Risks of Meme Tokens

Meme tokens currently carry the highest risks among all tokens. Recent rug pulls in many zkSync projects and the Bald token rug pull within 7 days of listing highlight this. Since meme tokens inherently lack value, their lifecycle is estimated to not exceed 1 week in the next uptrend.


The above content does not constitute any investment advice. Investing in meme tokens carries very high risks. Users should conduct their own research (DYOR) before investing in meme tokens.