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What is CyberConnect?

CyberConnect is a Web 3 social media protocol. Recently, due to Coinbase listing Friend.tech’s Web 3 social media, projects related to Web 3 social media have become short-term hot topics.

Key Features of CyberConnect

The difference between CyberConnect and other Web 3 social media lies in the fact that CyberConnect can mint content from traditional social networks onto the blockchain for permanent storage, such as a tweet. Minting uses Ethereum Layer 2 public chains including: OP, Polygon ZKM, BNB, and Base.
Currently, the supported social networks are only Twitter and Linkedin, not yet supporting Facebook.

The benefit of CyberConnect is that once original social network accounts are deleted or content is removed, the content stored on the blockchain cannot be deleted. Because CyberConnect itself does not directly establish a Web 3-based social network, but is only a blockchain application for traditional social networks, the product is more concise. This also avoids the high cost of storing data on the blockchain when social networks generate a large amount of content. Similar to other Web 3 social networks, minted content can be turned into NFTs and sold to users.

Prospects of Web 3 Social Networks

Web 3 social networks are still in their early stages of development, limited by two main factors: user habits and storage costs.
User habits: Web 2 social networks are in a dominant position. Blockchain cannot fundamentally provide a better user experience for social networks, and Facebook and Twitter remain the main social networking tools for users.

High blockchain storage costs: A large amount of social media content lacks preservation value.

CyberConnect Airdrop Guide

CyberConnect conducted an airdrop on August 1st, 2023. Due to low interest and fewer participants, the official announcement stated that tokens would be converted into rewards and distributed to users in the second airdrop.
Official Airdrop Website: https://cyber.co/rewards

The second airdrop is similar to the first, with tokens being airdropped based on points. The calculation rules for points can be found here: https://link3.to/cyberconnect/fanclub

The entire airdrop process is relatively simple, but due to link redirection, it can be confusing. The cyber.co/rewards site shows only two steps for the second airdrop. The actual airdrop details can be found here: https://link3.to/cyberconnect/fanclub

Users do not need to complete all activities. They only need to complete the two most important steps:

Step 1: Mint your own Cyber profile, also known as the Cyber Fan Pass. Then authorize the profile to read Twitter information.

For maximum gas fee savings, it is recommended to use a username with at least 10 characters, with a minimum gas fee of 0.25 USD.

Step 2: Deposit a minimum of 10 USD equivalent in ETH into the network. This is mainly used for CyberConnect’s NFT minting.

CyberConnect uses a Layer 2 network, with Polygon ZKM having the lowest NFT minting fee of only 0.2 USD. For other networks, minting requires 0.5 USD. Users are recommended to use Base to interact and potentially receive airdrops from Base.

Will CyberConnect become a coin that rises a hundredfold? Price forecast

The issuance price of CyberConnect’s token $Cyber has been made public, with a token price of $1.2 USD. The project is primarily funded by blockchain investment institutions, including Polygon, Amber, and others, with a total investment of $25 million. Since the number of users is crucial to a social network, users primarily use CyberConnect for NFTs. The NFT bubble is severe, so the likelihood of CyberConnect’s price reaching $120 USD is not high.


The above content does not constitute any investment advice, and purchasing cryptocurrencies involves risks. Before purchasing any tokens, users should conduct their own research (DYOR).