What Coins Can Be HOLD When Bitcoin Prices Fall (2023 Nov)
November 22, 2023
2023 November-December 100x coin opportunity: BRC-20 ARC-20 ETHS
November 28, 2023
What Coins Can Be HOLD When Bitcoin Prices Fall (2023 Nov)
November 22, 2023
2023 November-December 100x coin opportunity: BRC-20 ARC-20 ETHS
November 28, 2023

100x Crypto Opportunities: Web 3 Games

Web 3 Games vs. Gamefi

Gamefi, due to excessive hype during the previous bull market and its lack of long-term investment value, has been completely replaced in this current bull market.

This bull market has seen the emergence of “Web 3 Games” as the representative of the new generation of blockchain games, replacing “Gamefi.” Unlike the previous generation of blockchain games, these games involve the entire blockchain, offering better gameplay and NFTs generated by the games can be traded on multiple markets, resulting in longer lifecycles.

As a result, blockchain game tokens have started to rise in price in November 2023, and it’s expected that the bull market in 2024 will drive prices even higher. Bitcoin has risen by 30%, while the average price of blockchain game tokens has increased by 100%.

Now is the time to invest in blockchain games, as the possibility of a 100x return in this bull market is very likely.

However, game projects also come with very high risks, with the probability of Rug Pulls second only to Meme coins. Therefore, when investing in game projects, investors must carefully manage their investment portfolios. It’s advisable to allocate a smaller portion of your investment to new game projects compared to well-established ones.

Additionally, Web3 game projects can be influenced by Bitcoin’s price, with fluctuations of up to 100% being common. Investors should also maintain a strong mindset.

BingX Token Research has investigated various Web3 game tokens, weighed the risks, and listed game projects with stable backgrounds and the potential for 100x growth.

Immutable X $IMX

Immutable X is a game development platform for NFTs, allowing various NFTs to be turned into blockchain games through Immutable X. It is backed by Singapore’s Temasek Holdings and China’s Tencent.

Tencent, the largest global traditional internet gaming company, has been planning to enter the Web3 gaming space. However, due to mainland China’s policies, it faces more challenges in doing so. Tencent has invested in Immutable X, effectively gaining access to numerous blockchain NFT IPs. IPs are crucial in the gaming industry.

IMX tokens were launched during a bear market, coinciding with the lack of enthusiasm for Gamefi, resulting in a continuous price decline. Therefore, when the bull market arrives, IMX’s rebound price is expected to be quite remarkable. Even if Bitcoin declines, IMX’s price is expected to drop only to $0.50.

Given the long-term price chart, it appears to have bottomed out.

Click “IMX Price” to view detailed token analysis.

Gala $GALA

Gala has faced board disputes that have led to a sharp price decline and even bankruptcy rumors. Negative market news pushed Gala’s price to its lowest point. Most of the token holders are exchanges, including Binance (holding 21%), and they did not sell their holdings even when negative news circulated in the market; instead, they increased their holdings at the bottom.

Click “GALA Price” to view detailed token analysis.

Apart from the financial aspect, Gala has not shown signs of decline in other areas, including:

  1. Node activity: There are around 44,000 cumulative sales and 44,854 active nodes. 99% of nodes remain active with no signs of shutting down.
  2. Game NFT sales: Gala’s game-related NFT market value is 4312 ETH, and there has been no significant price drop.

Important Note

The bull market for Web 3 games has not truly arrived. Typically, Web 3 games tend to thrive in the middle to later stages of the market development cycle, gaining momentum as applications develop. The current rise in Web 3 game token prices is primarily driven by market FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This trend is not unique to Web 3 projects; public chain projects and AI projects have also seen rapid price increases, followed by corrections after 21 days. Without new narratives, retail investors are boosting projects that have already hit bottom to generate buzz. Retail FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) leads to follow-through.

It’s important to note that the true bull market has not yet begun. Bitcoin is oscillating near 38K and struggling to break through, with the potential for retracement at any moment. Without new capital inflow, reaching 40K in the short term is challenging, especially with Christmas approaching. Many investors who bought Bitcoin at 28K may sell to spend on Christmas. Analysts have mixed opinions on Bitcoin’s price performance in December, with some expecting it to surge to 42K, while others anticipate a retracement to 32K.

Regardless of the outcome, this does not signify a full-fledged bull market. Therefore, when investing in altcoins, patience is required, as there can be significant price fluctuations of up to 50%.


Investing in altcoins carries high risks, and investors may potentially lose their entire capital. This content does not constitute any investment advice, and users should conduct their own research (DYOR – Do Your Own Research).