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Get 100 LineaETH in Meta Mask Wallet Within 1 Hour, How To Do Week 8 Airdrop Task?

1. Metamask’s Parent Company Linea Airdrop

Metamask’s parent company, Linea, has confirmed the airdrop and released the airdrop task on Glaxe prior to the 8th week. As the number of historical participants exceeded 1 million towards the later stages, the difficulty of the 8th week’s task became exceptionally high. The main difficulty lies in the overwhelming number of participants, resulting in very high gas fees on the Linea network. Completing a single swap transaction requires up to 4 ETH, while the Linea testnet only provides users with 0.5 ETH in test tokens per day.

To complete the task, a total of 60 LineETH was consumed starting from July 1st. Additionally, due to frequent network crashes on Linea, resulting in failed transactions, the costs could reach up to 70 LineaETH.

If relying solely on the testnet to receive tokens, it would take 140 days (excluding the days when the testnet crashes and does not provide test tokens). The task ends on July 6th, making it practically impossible for ordinary users to complete such a task.

Linea Airdrop Week 8 Task :

2. How to Quickly Get 100 LineaETH Tokens

This method has been tested and can allow you to obtain 100 LineaETH tokens within one hour, even in congested conditions on the Linea network. However, it’s possible that users may not receive the tokens for up to 8 hours. This guide requires using real ETH to purchase test tokens called GETH (Georli ETH), and then bridging them to Linea’s test network. The cost for this process is around 18 USD.

Note: 1. You will need to use ETH to purchase GETH test tokens. 2. It is not recommended to purchase GETH on Uniswap, whether it’s on the ARB network or the ETH mainnet. Any recommendations to purchase GETH on Uniswap are deceptive because it cannot be bridged to the Georli ETH test network.

2.1 Step 1: Purchase GETH Tokens using LayerZero’s Testnet

This method is mentioned in the LayerZero Airdrop Guide, titled “How to Participate in the LayerZero Airdrop: Simple Step-by-Step Instructions.” By using LayerZero’s testnet, you can swap ETH for GETH and transfer it to the Goerli ETH test network. The website link for this process is:

Currently, with 0.01 ETH, you can purchase approximately 94 GETH tokens.

2.2 Step 2: Bridge GETH to LineaETH Network

To transfer your Goerli ETH test tokens (GETH) to the Linea network, there are two methods available:

Method 1: Using Linea’s Bridge

Please note that due to recent high network traffic on Linea, RPC errors may occur frequently.

Advantages of this method include being beginner-friendly. However, it may require multiple attempts and tests. The website link for Linea’s Bridge is:

Method 2: Modifying Contract of Bridge Goerli ETH to LineaETH Network

  • Using Etherscan, open the contract on both the Goerli and Linea Bridge networks.  The contract address is: 0x70BaD09280FD342D02fe64119779BC1f0791BAC2

Open the address:

  • Click on “Connect to Web3” to connect your MetaMask wallet.

  • Manual write message “13 sendMessage”:

sendMessage: How Many ETH want to Send to Linea

_to (address): Your own metamask address for receive the ETH

_fee (uint256): Gas fee, Higher gas fee means faster processed. 1000000000000000

_calldata (bytes): 0x

  • Once you have completed all the steps, click on “Write”

confirm the payment of the gas fee for the test network in your MetaMask wallet (approximately 0.01 GETH).

Note: Due to congestion on the Linea network, it is not recommended to perform the bridge during daytime hours in the United States, as there may be delays of over 8 hours.

In conclusion

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