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July 3, 2023
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July 7, 2023

MetaMask Token Airdrop Guide: Earn $3000 FREE


The Metamask wallet has confirmed that a token distribution will take place, although the name of the token is yet to be determined. Metamask is currently the largest hot wallet on the global Ethereum network, with over 30 million users. The high level of difficulty in Linea’s airdrop mission, which is the parent company of Metamask, has attracted participation from over one million users. Therefore, the airdrop difficulty for Metamask is not expected to be easy.

There is a high possibility that the Metamask airdrop will be linked to the airdrop data of Linea, meaning that users who have participated in the Linea airdrop will be an important reference for receiving the Metamask airdrop.

Furthermore, the details of the Metamask airdrop mission have not yet been released, and it is estimated that the airdrop may take place in the fourth quarter of 2023. The airdrop is based on the reference of ZKSync’s airdrop and Starknet’s airdrop. Interested users can click on the links to learn more about the guides for these two airdrops.

2. Airdrop Tasks Contains Four Parts

The airdrop interaction is mainly divided into four parts, which are the additional features provided by Metamask. The prerequisite is that users have downloaded Metamask and have a certain amount of ETH in their wallet.
These four parts are: Buy, Swap, Bridge, and Staking. This means users can use Metamask to buy ETH with a credit card, swap ETH for other tokens, bridge ETH to other Layer 2 chains, and participate in staking activities.

2.1 Buying Cryptocurrency Via Credit Card in Metamask

The first button in the Metmask Wallet is “Buy,” which allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies using the current payment gateway. After clicking the Buy button, the system will automatically select the payment gateway with the lowest transaction fees based on your region.

However, due to policy restrictions, all payment gateways will require KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. The difficulty of KYC verification may vary depending on the region. It can be expected that the difficulty of KYC verification will only increase in the future.

Since payment gateways incur high transaction fees, it is not recommended for users to purchase cryptocurrencies using this method. For the purpose of interaction, it is suggested that users purchase tokens with the minimum amount, which is approximately $50. It is recommended to choose ETH as the cryptocurrency, as the Metamask Wallet initially operates on the ETH chain, and gas fees for future tasks will be settled in ETH.

2.2 Swap Tokens

The Swap feature allows users to exchange between different cryptocurrencies. Some people have mentioned that due to the large number of Metamask users, there may be a need for frequent swapping, resulting in transaction volume. However, it is not appropriate to make such assumptions as the details of the Metamask Wallet’s airdrop tasks have not been confirmed yet. It is only after the confirmation that we will know the actual situation.

Therefore, it is suggested to swap the purchased ETH to USDT or USDC. Stablecoins will have almost no utility in the upcoming interactions, so it is recommended to swap an equivalent of 10 USD worth of ETH.

2.3 Bridge ETH in Metamask

The built-in bridge in the Metamask Wallet supports a limited number of chains, including OP, BNB, Polygon, ARB, and AVA. If you want to bridge to Layer2 solutions like ZKSync, currently, you can only do so through ZKSync’s own bridge.

It is recommended to choose the Arbitrum chain because both the Linea and Layer Zero airdrop missions mention the need to bridge ETH to the ARB chain. It is not recommended to bridge to BNB because the BNB chain primarily uses BNB tokens and has BNB-20 gas fees. BNB has two versions, BNB-2 and BNB-20, which can be quite complicated.

2.4 Metamask Staking Feature

Staking in the Metamask Wallet (browser extension wallet, wallet app) does not have a button available due to policy restrictions. Therefore, this feature can only be found in the online version of Metamask. Visit the Little Fox website at

Login with your Metamask Wallet and you will be able to see the staking feature on the right side. We recommend staking ETH using the Lido Finance staking service. Lido is currently the largest player in the ETH staking market.



The Metamask airdrop has not been finalized yet. Based on the recommended websites in the Metamask browser, all the listed projects are part of the Linea mission except for the four mentioned here. It is speculated that the Metamask airdrop may consider users who have participated in the Linea airdrop. Currently, the Linea airdrop is in the 8th week, which is likely the final week, so it is advisable for eligible users to participate. However, the 8th week of the Linea mission is also the most challenging one, requiring a high amount of LineaETH. Normally, if relying on the 0.5 LineaETH in test tokens provided daily by the project, it would take about six months of collection, so it is necessary to spend a certain amount of ETH to purchase test tokens. You can refer to the tutorial for more information: Get 100 LineaETH in Meta Mask Wallet Within 1 Hour, How To Do Week 8 Airdrop Task?