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PEPE Token Price Increased 6000 Times, Is It Worth Investing in? Can I Buy it Now?

  1. What is PEPE token? Is it worth investing in

PEPE token is a type of MEME token, which has no inherent value or utility. If anything, it serves as a means of social media tipping. The creation of PEPE token was promoted by its founder as an effort to break away from the framework of Dogecoin. The total supply of PEPE token is 42.69 trillion, with 93.1% allocated to the Uniswap liquidity pool and 6.9% to the team.

PEPE token has attracted a large number of users who have purchased it based on hype generated on social media and market-making efforts by traders. Many users, like those on MoneySmart, have bought $100 worth of PEPE token purely for entertainment purposes. Data shows that PEPE has gained significant traction on social media and has quickly become one of the top 5 MEME tokens.”

So, PEPE token does not have investment potential and it is not recommended for users to hold it. Of course, if someone wants to buy it for entertainment purposes or as a gift, even if one person receives one token, it would still cost less than 1 cent for 100 people.

  1. Is PEPE token a Ponzi scheme?

Although the team claims that there will be no rug pull, the issue of zero value is still a concern for tokens with no inherent value. At the same time, PEPE does not have any roadmap, so MEME tokens are not necessarily a Ponzi scheme. The key is that it has no value and purchasing it is solely for entertainment.

  1. Is it appropriate to buy PEPE tokens now?

One needs to closely monitor the hype surrounding PEPE as the big whales holding the token may sell off their holdings at any time. Based on the current price, it is already at its second peak, and the risk factor is very high.